Meal Preparation Animation

Fun video of meal preparation from this morning. 

Preparation is one part of ensuring I eat well during the hectic work week. 

I need my meals to be simple, quick and hassle free with minimal effort during the week which means that I spend a part of my Sunday preparing for the week ahead. 

Varied vegetables & a colourful meal palette add a 🌈 to days when I’m busy working. 

Yes, it can be a chore and an effort but it saves time, money and is a healthier option in the long run. I’m not the most consistent at meal prepping but I do what I can when I have time.

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Stop motion animation 🎥: @khairulhakim


Captivating African Print

Just look at this captivating print!

This fabric is an Original Wax Print which is printed in Holland. I’m lucky to have been able to get my hands on authentic, original fabric as the quality is without a doubt, better.

You can get this fabric from Sheraton Textiles, London. 

Check out the store at their address which is 16 Cobb Street, London E1 7TF, United Kingdom.

For more amazing designs and to get your next dress idea, browse @sheratontextiles.

I love the designs by a homegrown Malaysian brand, Maarimaia, so I approached them to tailor this dress for me. They did such a great job. Check out Maarimaia’s Instagram page @maarimaiaofficial and their Etsy to shop Maarimaia.

Look at those gorgeous butterfly style ruffles.

I’m very happy with the result and I choose the right brand and style to tailor my precious cloth.

Just frolicking around in grass on a Sunday.

​ Cheeky Video 🌈❤️🌈 Music Credit: Girl from Ipanema by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Photographer & Videographer: Khairul Hakim. Instagram here
Styled, make up and hair by: me! Instagram here

Bento lunch box 

It’s bento time! 

Bento lunches are a great way to save time, save money and get healthy.

This is a stacked bento with wild rice and stir-fried chicken with vegetables.

I got the glass jar idea from one of my best friends. In the picture above is konyaku noodles, kim chi, an omelette, some bok choy and spring onions.

I will definitely add more protein to this meal because I was hungry after about 2 hours.

The glass jars are also handy for overnight oats and salads.

If you have any other ideas about meal prep, give me a shoutout in the comment box below. 

Glass jars are from Daiso, KL and cost RM5:30 each.

Bento box, lunch bag and the accessories are from Tokyu Hands, Japan.

Such a cute bag and bento box set. I love it!


Happy Malaysia 🇲🇾 Day!

We tend to forget our brothers and sisters in Sabah and Sarawak. Their narrative is drowned in Peninsula Malaysia. I grew up not knowing much about Sabah and Sarawak apart from geographical and historical facts for my high school exams. I was fortunate to make Sarawakian friends upon my return, such as Saran and I loved it when she told me about her Lun Bawang heritage.

I was spellbound by Alena Murang’s music and Sape performance. Alena Murang live

So when I heard there was an introduction session for the Sape, I attended it out of curiosity and it was fun.

The Sape is a beautiful wood carved instrument which is a traditional lute.

The music is so soothing and healing.

Bowl-ed over pinggan viral

This year, I’ve participated in the frenzy that comes with setting up a home.

Lights, furnishings and ceramic ware have become items that pique my interest.

All right, dear friends, here are the little gems I’ve found while traipsing around Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur (KL).

  1. Central Market, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock

Across the parking lot at Central Market.

I was actually attending a law seminar, when I peeked out of the window and my heart skipped when I saw the ceramic store I was looking for. No one up to that moment was able to describe the exact location of this store to me.


Every corner of this store was crammed with colourful ceramic plates, bowls and spoons.

The prices ranged from about RM5-RM20 for a medium sized bowl.


2. Centerpoint 1 Utama, N.A.E. Kitchenette 

Across the indoor playground and food court.


The bowls and the prices here were similar to the store in Central Market but at the time I visited this store, there were more plain white ceramics items.

For the foodies: the wan tan noodle stall at the food court is worth a visit.

3. Chaktujak Market, Bangkok

Although the designated sections for ceramics were Section 17 and 19, there were other sections that sold the ceramics we were looking for, so it is worth walking around the market to have a look.


Happy shopping! (more…)

Ha Long Bay

As I write this, Sonya has flown back to the hustle that is New York and I resume work in KL. 

“What do you feel is the energy of this place?”, asked Sonya.

 I couldn’t put a finger on the vibes I felt and took a moment. It was wonderful waking up on the cruise ship, staring at the limestone pillars that met the clear blue skies which outlines Ha Long Bay. I have memories of the view, sitting on the deck sipping our Vietnamese coffee accompanied by mild winds and the gentle sun. 

On the kayak
We went kayaking and it was a great relief when I realised I wasn’t terrible at kayaking. We chatted intermittently and sometimes we would just be silent, inhaling the view until we heard a creaking sound from our kayak. A kayak is technically not supposed to creak. Our kayak was creaking and had a bit of water in it. We were a bit concerned when we heard the creak but there were moments when we forgot about our creaky kayak. 

After pondering about her question, I felt energy of Ha Long Bay was peaceful and serene. It was quiet and calm, just the way we needed it to be. 

Stars shine bright in mango night

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