Delhi: Goodbye India

Our time in Delhi was short, so we decided to hop on the metro to Akshardam temple which is an opulent temple. We sat a boat ride which gave us some strange commentary & irregular facts. It was good to visit for a few hours.

That evening, Premji taught me to cook a chicken curry, unfortunately I misplaced the recipe! But I remember that he put Amchoor powder (mango powder) in the delicious salads he prepared. He makes the most refreshing Nimboo pani (lemonade) too. They had adorable dogs in that house.

Thumbs up delicious!

Thumbs up delicious!

After dinner, we went to India Gate to hang out with the locals. There were a lot of families.

Subhen loves dirt, coke & kids.

Subhen loves dirt, coke & kids.

Subhen left early the next day for his flight to South India & I decided to go shopping alone in Janpath. I bargained for the auto price & I eventually found an elderly auto driver to take me home for a fair price but I had decided beforehand to give him more money. I just like the thrill of bargaining and this elderly driver delivered me home safe. I was grateful for that & really, a few rupees contributing to someone’s income in India would make a bigger difference to him than to me.


Day 3: Delhi

After the previous day of slumming it, we decided to hire a taxi around Delhi.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

First stop, Gandhi Marg & the museum. The museum was an insight into India’s struggle for Independence & the late Gandhi’s life. I definitely recommend it.

Baha'i House of Worship

Baha’i House of Worship

Next, we visited the zen structure of the Baha’i house of worship. When you step inside, you must be silent & you can meditate. I felt peaceful within that space, perhaps it was the architecture- it felt clean & removed from chaos.

Subhen @ Mary Poppins at Humayun's Tomb

Subhen @ Mary Poppins at Humayun’s Tomb

After lunch, we headed to Humayun’s tomb. It is a beautiful red sandstone building commissioned by Bega Begum, Emperor Humayun’s first wife in his memory. The Taj Mahal, Agra is influenced by this architecture.

That night, we boarded an air-conditioned bus to Amritsar. What an adventure that was! Part of the Indian experience is to expect the unforseeable. In this case, a bus breaking down about 4 times in one evening. . At about 1am, mosquitoes were eating me alive & the bus had stopped. We got off the bus & stood at the side of the dusty, dark road with other travellers. I could not help but laugh aloud at the absurdity of the situation.

too funny.

too funny.

My philosophy is to laugh at situations like this & to search for beauty in the present. There was something beautiful about watching day break, in the distance a train emerged reflected with the gentle light of day.

Bleary eyed, we waited at the dusty road side for the next bus but it was full of people. We decided to squeeze into a bus at about 5am after waiting for 4 hours. We befriended 2 pairs of lovely Indian couples on their way to Amritsar. This bus broke down. So we packed about 9 people into a tiny auto. It was crazy. We took another bus which broke down too. We walked to a bus stop & no one knew what was happening, which bus to take to Amritsar. Hilarious.