Bowl-ed over pinggan viral

This year, I’ve participated in the frenzy that comes with setting up a home.

Lights, furnishings and ceramic ware have become items that pique my interest.

All right, dear friends, here are the little gems I’ve found while traipsing around Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur (KL).

  1. Central Market, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock

Across the parking lot at Central Market.

I was actually attending a law seminar, when I peeked out of the window and my heart skipped when I saw the ceramic store I was looking for. No one up to that moment was able to describe the exact location of this store to me.


Every corner of this store was crammed with colourful ceramic plates, bowls and spoons.

The prices ranged from about RM5-RM20 for a medium sized bowl.


2. Centerpoint 1 Utama, N.A.E. Kitchenette 

Across the indoor playground and food court.


The bowls and the prices here were similar to the store in Central Market but at the time I visited this store, there were more plain white ceramics items.

For the foodies: the wan tan noodle stall at the food court is worth a visit.

3. Chaktujak Market, Bangkok

Although the designated sections for ceramics were Section 17 and 19, there were other sections that sold the ceramics we were looking for, so it is worth walking around the market to have a look.


Happy shopping! (more…)