Ashikaga Flower Park & Wisteria

“All my flower dreams came true!”

Ashikaga Flower Park is one of the most beautiful gardens I have visited. This was an unplanned side trip which was definitely worthwhile. We were really lucky that although we missed the sakura, we arrived just in time to see the wisteria.

This was one of the best trips ever.

How to get from Tokyo to Ashikaga Flower Park?

This was a day trip from Tokyo and takes about 2 hours to get there. The route is now straightforward since they opened the JR Ashikaga Flower Park station in April 2018.

Click here for the official website link which has the transport details.
We used this route:

Tokyo Station >Ueno>Oyama>Ashikaga Flower Park Station

It is important to keep in mind the connecting train schedule from Oyama Station to Ashikaga Flower Station because on the day we were travelling, the frequency of the connecting train was an hourly basis.

Try using Hyperdia to check the train schedule.

Entrance Fees

We didn’t purchase our tickets in advance and in true DIY style we just made our way ourselves. The queue was long but fast and we got our tickets pretty quickly.

The entrance fees varies according to the condition of the garden. We visited during the peak period and paid 1800Yen per person.

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