MariCAR Tokyo

Ohayo gozaimasu from Tokyo!

We went for our maricar experience yesterday and it was great.

I unfortunately didn’t manage to complete the experience because I didn’t feel comfortable driving in a go-cart at a fast speed. I’m an anomaly though and in retrospect I should have tried go-karting at the speed of 40-50km per hour. It just felt too fast for me and I could not keep up with everyone else. Most people take to it very naturally. The staff and the guide, Pablo were amazing and they were very professional and friendly throughout.

You can book the experience by contacting them via their e-mail or Facebook page. They are very responsive. This is the link to their website.

If you’re Malaysian, you need to convert your Malaysian licence into an international licence. You can do so at JPJ. The process is simple but I recommend heading there early on a weekend to get it done because of the long queue. I went to apply for the international driving licence at the Pudu UTC on a Saturday morning.

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